Fabulist - EP

by slenderbodies

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where did we go?


released May 18, 2017


all rights reserved



slenderbodies California

indie pop~

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Track Name: Opal Ocean
ens flare aching as it covers our eyes
been so late ive been a cannibal
I carry along
I carry along
glossed over all the fine lines
cold crisp cream inside a silky spine
Ive been carried along
Ive been carried along

loose leaves spill over my sanity
wilted winds will me
loose leaves spill over my sanity
wilted winds will me
Ive been seeing in blue
Ive been feeling in blue
when im with you
Ive been sinning in blue
Ive been blooming into muted motion

opal ocean north shore floats in
opal oceans slowly flows in
Track Name: Little Islands
oh im hoping
i get a bit of
im monotone

ooh ooh ohh
wanted a taste of above
aah aah aah
falling backwards


us against the world
theres just nothing left to do here
time to run over the bridges where well be just fine
you and i
you and i

distant noise of sirens
fade away on little islands
i dont want to be nobody else but me tonight
you and i
you and i


you tell me now
you tell me now
its been so long since you’ve been making these decisions
yet you want to now you want to now
i think its fine to be a little bit nonsensical
were riding out
riding out
finding places
I’ve been making
my mistakes out here with you


far gone distance
try to be the only one that listens
i want to be your only martyr
maybe if i can be there for you
i can learn to be myself again
Track Name: Mirage
i feel dangerous
to be honest
I’m trying to conceal it
but I’ve been dangerous
for a while

though we don’t need reality
hear me speak
stop to think
you might have missed an echo

if you want to play for keeps
start off easy
i want to make sure that you

slowdown with your love
slow down with your love

you think you think you think you got it now
i think i think i think I’m falling out
we sink we sink we drag each-other down

I found a way for us
We need a bit of luck
When were together love
We are so dangerous
Track Name: Anemone
down below
my thoughts can wander and i
let go
i don’t need much in my life
i know
i like it better underwater

ive been drowning in anemone
here you’ll never get the best of me
ive been drowning in anemone
breathing deep
breathing deep

down below
sandy like the ocean floor
quiet like i like it
here ill never be alone

i pause my life
i spend my time
its always right
its never wrong to try

it’s been alright
ive been alright

but here its better
i heal better

i like it better underwater
send me underwater

feeling little pulls
wont get the best of me so
la la la lets go
a little destiny
to tell you what you know
a fatal recipe of life

dreaming ‘bout a place
where i can be by myself
Track Name: Opal Ocean pt. ii
i woke up
lost at sea
on the breeze

i woke up
lost at sea
memories of it underneath

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